Gorgeous jewel toned makeup is all the rage for weddings right now! If you’re planning your big day and want to rock a colorful eye, read on for tips and ideas. We’ll show you how to create a stunning look with shades that complement your skin tone and wedding dress. Plus, we’ve got some great products to help you get the perfect finish. So whether you’re looking for something subtle or dramatic, read on for inspiration!

How to look stunning on your wedding day: jewel toned makeup tips

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look your best. Jewel toned makeup can help you create a beautiful, unique look that will make you feel like a princess on your big day.

When it comes to jewel toned wedding makeup, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, jewel tones tend to be more intense than other colors, so it’s important to use them sparingly. A little goes a long way when it comes to these colors.

Second, jewel tones can be tricky to work with if you’re not used to them. Third, they can be very unforgiving, so it’s important to practice before your big day. Try out different shades and application techniques to find what works best.

Third, jewel tones can be very versatile. You can use them to create a range of looks, from natural and understated to dramatic and glamorous. Fourth, they can be used to accentuate your best features and downplay any areas you’re not confident about.

jewel toned eyeshadow looks

If you’re not sure where to start with your jewel toned wedding makeup, here are some tips:

  1. Start with a clean, fresh face. Make sure your skin is well-moisturized before applying any makeup.
  2. Use a primer before applying foundation or concealer. This will help create a smooth canvas for your makeup and prevent your jewel tones from looking too intense.
  3. Choose a foundation or concealer close to your skin tone. This will help create a natural look.
  4. Apply your jewel toned eyeshadow using a light hand. These colors are very pigmented, so it’s important not to go overboard.
  5. Use a darker shade of jewel tone in the crease of your eye to create depth and dimension.
  6. For a more dramatic look, use a liquid liner in a jewel tone color. Start from the inner corner of your eye and wing it out for a cat-eye effect.
  7. Finish off your look with mascara and false lashes, if desired.
  8. Add a pop of color with jewel toned lipstick or gloss.

Jewel tones are a beautiful way to create a unique and glamorous look for your wedding day. With a little practice, you can perfect your jewel toned wedding makeup and look like a princess on your big day!

Jewel toned eyeshadow looks that will make your eyes pop

Green, blue, purple, and pink eyeshadow shades are perfect for creating jewel toned looks that will make your eyes pop. To start, apply a light base shade all over the lid. Next, use a medium shade in the crease to add depth and dimension. Finally, a dark shade along the lash line creates a smoldering effect. Finish off the look by adding sparkle with a glittery shadow or liner.

Try pairing a teal blue shadow with an emerald green shadow for a green jewel-toned look. To make the look really pop, add a touch of gold to the eye’s inner corner.

Try pairing a navy shadow with a royal blue shadow for a blue jewel-toned look. To make the look really pop, add a touch of silver to the eye’s inner corner.

Try pairing a plum shadow with an aubergine shadow for a purple jewel-toned look. Then, to make the look pop, add a touch of white to the eye’s inner corner.

Try pairing a fuchsia shadow with a rose gold shadow for a pink jewel-toned look. Then, to make the look pop, add a touch of black to the eye’s inner corner.